U.S.-Manufactured 310 & 410 Casters Meet Heavy-Duty Customer Needs Quicker Than Ever

Colson Group USA has the right ingredients to keep the world moving. Albion, the leading heavy-duty caster brand of Colson Group USA, has made major advancements in its heavy-duty manufacturing capabilities to better meet customers’ product and delivery needs in the U.S. marketplace. Now manufactured in Michigan, Albion’s 310 & 410 casters are laser cut and can be produced with integrated brakes with toe guards within days – a process that has taken four to six weeks in the past – responding to market needs faster and reducing lead times by as much as 70 percent. Laser production also allows the 310 & 410 more flexibility in quick turnaround customizations, a more diverse standard product offering, and a cleaner more efficient part – eliminating the need for a variety of secondary welding operations. With an upgraded three-year warranty, the 310 & 410 Series offers a number of competitive advantages and product features compared to conventional kingpin casters:
  • Laser cut 3/8” thick legs;
  • More ergonomic – easier to swivel, push and pull;
  • Weld eliminations for a cleaner part;
  • Smoother edges for safety;
  • Industry-leading zinc finish with a clear coat;
  • Newly designed innovative brakes with toe guards;
  • High-quality, heat-treated AISI 1045 laser-cut steel construction featuring a forged precision-machined raceway for improved ergonomics and superior strength;
  • Fully welded and durable legs inside and out to handle the shock impact and higher-load capacities traditional casters might not withstand; and
  • Greater load capacities of up to 5,400 pounds per caster with easier swiveling.
The 310 & 410 is the foundation for a complete family of products, including spring-loaded and dual-wheel versions of each. A stainless-steel alternative is also available for applications exposed to corrosive agents or industries focused on food and beverage processing. For more information or a quote on the new U.S.-manufactured, laser-cut 310 & 410 series, check out the series online.