Setting the Bar in Caster Manufacturing: Quality and Innovation


Quality is paramount at Colson Group, your trusted Custom Caster Manufacturer. Our team of engineers follows stringent quality control procedures during the design and manufacturing process. We employ advanced testing methods to ensure that our casters not only meet but exceed industry standards, focused on quality, durability and performance in every Custom Caster.

With strategically located manufacturing facilities worldwide, we take a thoughtful approach to producing custom casters in regions that best serve our customers’ needs. As pioneers in the field of custom caster design and engineering, we continually set industry standards through innovation and automation. Count on us for unwavering support and service.

Explore our capabilities in crafting top-notch custom casters and discover the Colson Group difference in custom caster manufacturing excellence.

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With more than 200,000 different standard caster models available, it’s likely that Colson has the caster you need. However, if you have an application that requires a custom solution, Colson engineers will partner with you to create a practical custom solution.‍

Whether it is a modification to an existing product or a brand new custom caster, Colson has the engineering experience and technology to bring your concept to life.

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