Caster CAD 3D – Every Caster, One Application

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Caster CAD 3D Welcome to the world’s first Caster 3D app for mobile devices: Caster CAD 3D. As the global leader in caster and wheels, Colson Group USA offers the most complete product line in the world. Caster CAD 3D offers interactive 3D product catalogs for each of Colson Group USA’s brands and available product series. App users can quickly configure a part number and download CAD models and data sheets for their various caster and wheel needs.

“Fast delivery of relevant, valuable product content is our mission,” said Brad Kish, Marketing Manager. “Our customers and sales professionals can leverage this new technology to instantly deliver CAD models and datasheets for our industry-leading selection—and then quickly integrate them into their designs. This saves the customers time, and assures them that they have a viable and trusted product built into each design.”

The benefits of Caster CAD 3D are:

  • Downloadable 2D or 3D CAD models completely free and in a user’s native CAD format
  • Interactive models can be easily configured for user-specific needs
  • World-View allows visualization of a model on physical products
  • Models, visualizations, and data sheets can be quickly shared with teams

The 3D CAD Models are compliant with major world standards and are suitable for use in current CAD systems. Caster CAD 3D is available free on the App Store, and on Google Play.

Caster CAD 3D: Video Tutorial

Please watch this short video for a brief overview of navigating Caster CAD 3D and configuring product specifications for CAD file downloads.

With Caster CAD 3D, you can explore brand catalogs, interact with 3D product renderings, configure product specifications, and download desired native CAD formats and product datasheets.