Colson Group USA has recently contracted a company (Assent Compliance Inc.) to determine our compliance to California Proposition 65 and to improve our ability to respond to requests for REACH and RoHS certifications.

Colson Group does not purposefully identify any substances listed within these directives to be used in the design or manufacture of our products.  We also believe that the vast majority of our products are compliant with these directives.

However, at this time, Colson Group USA does not have the data to show compliance to Prop 65 for our products.  We do realize that our customers need this information and will be continuing our efforts to provide it.

Distributors or OEM customers of Colson Group USA may have concerns about compliance with Proposition 65 and their liability for products they sell in California.  In this case, the safest option is to include a warning label on distributed Colson Group products or end products containing Colson Group components that may ship to the State of California.