Introducing HYDROTECH: The New Innovative TPE Alloy

Colson Group USA is excited to introduce their latest innovation: the HydroTech wheel. These water-resistant wheels are essential for industries where water, moisture, and humidity are present. The HydroTech wheel is formulated to withstand continuous exposure to moisture, significantly increasing its life expectancy compared to TPU wheels.

One of the standout features of the HydroTech wheel is its ability to withstand moisture. Many wheels crack, fall apart, or become unusable with continuous exposure to water, but HydroTech’s TPE alloy ensures the wheel maintains its strength and durability, even in wet or humid environments.

Hydrolysis is a chemical reaction that occurs when water molecules break down the chemical bonds in a material. The TPE alloy used in the HydroTech wheel is specifically formulated to resist hydrolysis due to its unique formulation and fusion-bonded construction. This makes it a great choice for a variety of applications, including box stores, medical facilities, and industrial settings.

The HydroTech wheel has the same load capacity and rollability as TPU, making it an ideal choice for applications that require high-performance wheels. It also features a design that prevents tread separation and reduces noise related to mechanical interlock failures, ensuring durability and reliability in tough conditions. With an excellent abrasion-resistant 40D (±5) durometer, this wheel can handle heavy loads and provide smooth, efficient movement.

Businesses that choose HydroTech wheels can be confident that they are investing in a reliable and durable product that is designed to last. The wheel comes with an industry-leading 3-year warranty, making it a top choice for industries that require high-performance wheels that can withstand tough conditions, including moisture and hydrolysis. Contact Colson Group today to learn more about HydroTech wheels and how they can benefit your business.

Colson Group’s New Jonesboro Facility

Colson Group’s new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Jonesboro is now completely operating at full capacity. While the old plant is being used for distribution, everything else has been transferred to the new building. Through investments made toward the new facility and its capabilities, Colson Group has expanded its production, standards, and improved the working environment for its employees.

More Products Made in the USA

The new 146,640-square-foot manufacturing facility now offers more production capabilities in the United States. Popular casters can now be produced even faster, and the new facility can assemble a wider range of low-volume and special caster products. This has given Colson Group new delivery capabilities with shorter delivery times for products manufactured and shipped directly from the U.S. rather than internationally.

Increased Internal Zinc Plating

There was a huge investment in a new line for zinc plating making it an expansion of the last plant. This investment allows Colson Group to have more product offerings, production lines, and an increase in the internal plating of main products in Jonesboro. It has even given them the capability to plate all Colson Group USA components at the new facility.

Advanced Robotics and Technology Advancements

Over the past year, there was an influx of investments in three new welding robots. Their technological advancements have helped to increase efficiency and product quality. With the addition of new robots and automation, the Jonesboro plant now has the capacity to weld over 2.3 million pieces annually with a 2-shift operation.

Expanded Stamping Production

Three additional manual presses and heavy-duty stamping press lines were added upon the new facility build. This, along with the latest technology in steel stamping lines, has expanded production capabilities. Additionally, the new facility now has a tool and die repair and maintenance area next to the stamping department which is capable of both tool maintenance and quick changeovers.

More Suitable Work Environment

The new plant has given employees a more work suitable and up-to-date environment. There was the addition of an environmentally controlled air system in the new facility. This was designed to maintain the air from various production lines such as capturing smoke and fume handling systems to ensure air quality. Aside from the air system, the lighting is more efficient for visibility purposes, there was a new temperature system installed which heats and cools the production area, and all other amenities are brand new.

In the future, they are looking into investing in enhancing assembly capabilities. Assembly was mainly transferred over from the old facility without much advancement. The goal is to expand and enhance it for efficiency. In terms of output, Colson Group hopes looking forward with investments in production capabilities, they will be able to drastically increase their product outputs in large amounts. This way they can continue to meet demands and exceed the standards expected by customers.

Potential Hires

Colson has become aware of a fraudulent effort to defraud individuals with illegitimate offers of employment asking for personal information. For information regarding actual open positions at Colson Group, and to apply for employment with Colson, use the careers section of this website. Colson will never ask for banking information prior to accepted employment.

Introducing: Defender D4 Stainless Steel Casters

INTRODUCING: Defender D4 Stainless Steel Casters

Introducing the Defender D4 Series, our strongest and latest advancement in 2″ wide stainless steel kingpin casters. Featuring a robust 3/4″ kingpin construction, Defender D4 rigs outlasted traditional 5/8″ kingpin rigs by up to 2x in internal durability testing—making the Defender D4 your best protection in corrosive environments! The D4 Series provides an array of solutions ideal for customers requiring lasting performance and corrosion resistance. Constructed from 1/4″ thick Type 304 stainless steel, this new caster series provides a critical defense to applications exposed to washdowns, cleaning agents, steam, caustic solutions, and other environmental conditions that eventually cause oxidation and failure in carbon steel casters. Below you will find helpful resources to learn more about this new series and even grab CAD models or datasheets. What makes the Defender D4 unique? 
  • Highly polished Type 304 stainless steel construction
  • 1/4” Thick top plate & legs; legs precision welded to yoke
  • 3/4” Diameter kingpin for durability and long life
  • Food grade performance grease (-40°F to 600°F; FDA approved)
  • Up to 1,250 lb. capacities; 4″-8″ sizes
  • 3-Year warranty
  • NSF listed


Part Numbers & Specifications:  View and download the Colson Defender D4 literature to see the complete product offering.


CAD Models & Datasheets:  Native Defender D4 CAD caster models and 3D interactive datasheets are readily available for download online or on our Caster CAD 3D app. Visit and simply change the wheel type to your desired wheel, update the CAD model preview, and download the CAD model/datasheet.

​​ Will the Defender D4 replace any other legacy Colson Group series? 

The Defender D4 importantly allows Colson Group to optimize its 2″ wide premium stainless steel lines into one power-house offering that delivers best-in-class construction, performance, and competitiveness. Previously fragmented inventories across five brands will be consolidated and enhanced under the Defender D4 program to provide reliable, high levels of service for your stainless requirements. Legacy stainless caster series that will be retired and replaced by the new Defender D4 include: Colson 4 Series SS; Albion 05 Series; Jarvis S81/S82; MedCaster SS; and Bassick Prism SS Series. Please contact your Regional Sales Manager with any questions regarding these product transitions.

Colson Group Announces Strategic Acquisition by Blue Wolf Capital Partners



Aligned philosophies and vision for increasing customer value and accelerating global growth


OAKBROOK TERRACE, IL., March 1, 2021 — Colson Group, a global leader in caster and wheel product solutions, today announced its acquisition by Blue Wolf Capital Partners LLC (“Blue Wolf”).

“We are excited to partner with Blue Wolf, a firm that shares our philosophies and vision for Colson Group,” stated Tom Blashill, CEO of Colson Group. “While our strong global brands and experienced team attracted substantial investor attention, Blue Wolf differentiated themselves. Their expertise and deep understanding of industrial businesses and customer channels will be a tremendous asset in our plans for operational and service excellence. Blue Wolf appreciates the work completed so far in our global transformation and their skillset and strategy will help accelerate it with further investments in domestic manufacturing, service technologies, and product solutions that continue to separate us from the competition.”

Blue Wolf is a New York-based private equity firm that builds stronger businesses by combining financial and operational discipline with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. The firm works closely with management to create value at companies in specialty sectors including niche manufacturing, industrial & engineering services, forest & building products and healthcare services.

“Our experience building best-in-class industrial manufacturing companies positions Blue Wolf well to support Colson Group in accelerating growth and enhancing its current market position and manufacturing strategy,” said Adam Blumenthal, Managing Partner of Blue Wolf Capital Partners. “We are excited to partner with Tom Blashill and the Colson Group management team to provide the necessary capital and resources to drive long-term growth opportunities for the company and its customers. We look forward to building on Colson Group’s rich legacy of product solutions and long-standing business relationships with our commitment to organizational and operational excellence.”

Former owner Sentinel Capital Partners sold Colson Group to Blue Wolf after acquiring the company in 2012. Prior to Sentinel, the company was held by Robert Pritzker who acquired the Colson caster brand in 1953 and built it into the worldwide caster leader that is now Colson Group.

About Colson Group ( Colson Group, a global leader in caster and wheel products, creates and drives solutions that move lives forward. World renowned brands provide specialized mobility for every industry and market. A leading product portfolio and proprietary global value chain deliver unparalleled efficiencies and support. With over 1,600 employees across 30 global facilities, Colson Group is committed to its customers’ success, ensuring proper products are selected or designed from the start, and always keeping the end-users’ safety, efficiency, and happiness in mind.

About Blue Wolf Capital Partners: Blue Wolf Capital Partners LLC is a private equity firm that specializes in control investments in middle market companies. Leading by experience, and with a commitment to excellence, Blue Wolf transforms companies strategically, operationally and collaboratively. Blue Wolf manages challenging situations and complex relationships between business, customers, employees, unions, and regulators to build value for stakeholders. For additional information, please visit


Colson Adds New 2 Series Models to World’s Largest Caster CAD Model Library

Colson 2 Series CAD Additions

Colson Group USA, a leading global caster and wheel manufacturer, is expanding its world’s largest computer-aided design (CAD) model library with the addition of three Colson brand product series: the 2-Series LoPro, 2-Series Stainless, and 2-Series Stainless Steel Precision. Customers can now quickly configure part numbers and download or deliver 2D/3D CAD models and interactive 3D PDF datasheets for these new additions.

“Colson continues to advance the world’s largest caster CAD library, meeting our customers’ needs for high-quality, dependable casters,” said Colson Light Duty Product Manager Jeremy Brault. “Through the expansion of the 2-series CAD models, customers can easily access pertinent specifications and easily integrate the designs of these three premium, three-year warranty products for their various caster and wheel needs.”

The 2-Series LoPro features a low profile design with cushion or hard rubber wheel options, providing floor protection and quiet operation in the lowest overall height; ideal for business machines, stock picking carts, warehouse dollies, and housekeeping carts. The 2-Series Stainless Steel series offers several tread types in 3” to 5” wheel sizes, two brake options, and a higher grade of stainless steel helping to prevent rust in even the most corrosive conditions. This makes it ideal for hostile and controlled environments, including the food, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries. The 2-Series Precision Stainless Steel series provides the same great advantages of the 2-Series Stainless, but adds improved ergonomics and noise reduction to a users’ experience through the use of a durable stainless precision bearing raceway.

The 2-series CAD models are available on Colson’s Caster CAD 3-D app or online at The 3-D CAD models are compliant with major world standards and are suitable for use in current CAD systems, saving engineers time, and money.