Introducing HYDROTECH: The New Innovative TPE Alloy

Colson Group USA is excited to introduce their latest innovation: the HydroTech wheel. These water-resistant wheels are essential for industries where water, moisture, and humidity are present. The HydroTech wheel is formulated to withstand continuous exposure to moisture, significantly increasing its life expectancy compared to TPU wheels.

One of the standout features of the HydroTech wheel is its ability to withstand moisture. Many wheels crack, fall apart, or become unusable with continuous exposure to water, but HydroTech’s TPE alloy ensures the wheel maintains its strength and durability, even in wet or humid environments.

Hydrolysis is a chemical reaction that occurs when water molecules break down the chemical bonds in a material. The TPE alloy used in the HydroTech wheel is specifically formulated to resist hydrolysis due to its unique formulation and fusion-bonded construction. This makes it a great choice for a variety of applications, including box stores, medical facilities, and industrial settings.

The HydroTech wheel has the same load capacity and rollability as TPU, making it an ideal choice for applications that require high-performance wheels. It also features a design that prevents tread separation and reduces noise related to mechanical interlock failures, ensuring durability and reliability in tough conditions. With an excellent abrasion-resistant 40D (±5) durometer, this wheel can handle heavy loads and provide smooth, efficient movement.

Businesses that choose HydroTech wheels can be confident that they are investing in a reliable and durable product that is designed to last. The wheel comes with an industry-leading 3-year warranty, making it a top choice for industries that require high-performance wheels that can withstand tough conditions, including moisture and hydrolysis. Contact Colson Group today to learn more about HydroTech wheels and how they can benefit your business.