Introducing: Defender D4 Stainless Steel Casters

INTRODUCING: Defender D4 Stainless Steel Casters

Introducing the Defender D4 Series, our strongest and latest advancement in 2″ wide stainless steel kingpin casters. Featuring a robust 3/4″ kingpin construction, Defender D4 rigs outlasted traditional 5/8″ kingpin rigs by up to 2x in internal durability testing—making the Defender D4 your best protection in corrosive environments! The D4 Series provides an array of solutions ideal for customers requiring lasting performance and corrosion resistance. Constructed from 1/4″ thick Type 304 stainless steel, this new caster series provides a critical defense to applications exposed to washdowns, cleaning agents, steam, caustic solutions, and other environmental conditions that eventually cause oxidation and failure in carbon steel casters. Below you will find helpful resources to learn more about this new series and even grab CAD models or datasheets. What makes the Defender D4 unique? 
  • Highly polished Type 304 stainless steel construction
  • 1/4” Thick top plate & legs; legs precision welded to yoke
  • 3/4” Diameter kingpin for durability and long life
  • Food grade performance grease (-40°F to 600°F; FDA approved)
  • Up to 1,250 lb. capacities; 4″-8″ sizes
  • 3-Year warranty
  • NSF listed


Part Numbers & Specifications:  View and download the Colson Defender D4 literature to see the complete product offering.


CAD Models & Datasheets:  Native Defender D4 CAD caster models and 3D interactive datasheets are readily available for download online or on our Caster CAD 3D app. Visit and simply change the wheel type to your desired wheel, update the CAD model preview, and download the CAD model/datasheet.

​​ Will the Defender D4 replace any other legacy Colson Group series? 

The Defender D4 importantly allows Colson Group to optimize its 2″ wide premium stainless steel lines into one power-house offering that delivers best-in-class construction, performance, and competitiveness. Previously fragmented inventories across five brands will be consolidated and enhanced under the Defender D4 program to provide reliable, high levels of service for your stainless requirements. Legacy stainless caster series that will be retired and replaced by the new Defender D4 include: Colson 4 Series SS; Albion 05 Series; Jarvis S81/S82; MedCaster SS; and Bassick Prism SS Series. Please contact your Regional Sales Manager with any questions regarding these product transitions.