New Pemco SuperKat Wheel Saves Stores Money on Out-of-Control Shopping Carts and Caster Replacements

Pemco SuperKat Tensioner Wheel Pemco, a Colson Group USA brand, has launched an upgraded shopping cart wheel designed to help slow-down out-of-control shopping carts and reduce wheel flat-spotting. The new Pemco SuperKat Tensioner wheel features an innovative tensioner inside the center of the wheel to help reduce unexpected rolling of unattended shopping carts. The wheel tension provided by the bearing helps stores save money on costs associated with runaway cart damage, while remaining undetectable to shoppers. Launched in November 2016, the superior shopping cart wheel features a soft, natural rubber tread with a rounded shape. This unique tread design allows the wheel to move naturally in any direction the cart is pushed or pulled reducing sideways dragging that leads to wheel flat-spotting and necessary replacements. The improved SuperKat wheel also features a dual precision bearing allowing a smooth and quiet rolling of the cart — providing an enhanced experience for shoppers. The SuperKat is stocked in St. Joseph, Michigan, at Colson Group USA’s new national distribution center and is already receiving excellent field reviews from leading cart manufacturers and retailers across the country. The new 5-inch wheel includes a variety of product features, including:
  • A high-performance natural rubber tread, specially designed to make the SuperKat resistant to flat-spotting
  • Durability, lasting 64% longer than the competition
  • Non-marking and quiet rolling
  • Resistant to chemicals and oils
  • Built-in tensioner ring increases parking lot safety
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