How Maintenance Free Casters Mean Less Work for You

No one enjoys spending time and money on maintenance. Many businesses can’t afford to have downtime when a caster isn’t working properly, don’t have the ability to perform regular maintenance on equipment, and need a caster that’s able to withstand tough work environments. It’s in these scenarios maintenance free casters thrive and can provide your business with immense cost saving benefits.

In the industrial caster industry, the term “maintenance free” refers to casters that have a sealed precision ball bearing. The sealed precision bearing makes it so the casters never require a preventative maintenance schedule, which reduces downtime and increases efficiency. These bearings are sealed to keep grease locked in, while keeping contamination out.

Standard casters can last many years with proper maintenance and consistent greasing, the issue at hand is that many facilities don’t have a good maintenance program put in place for wheels and casters. Maintenance free casters eliminates this problem as there is no need for routine maintenance. Maintenance Free casters are designed to be ergonomic, meaning they require minimal start force to be set in motion. For workers, ease of use helps to prevent employee injuries.

Maintenance-free casters are designed for harsh industrial environments and have a long service life. The consistent performance of these casters makes a great choice for industries like automotive, warehousing, tow-lines, AGV’s, Hospitals and more. The new Albion brand launch of Maintenance Free 28 and 38 Series casters are designed for improved ergonomics, long life, and quiet mobility. They also feature wheel options such as polyurethane, rubber, and nylon, to fit your specific hand push or towing requirements.

Colson Group is the global leader and distributor of wheels and casters. Colson Group always wants to continue to innovate and develop products with unparalleled performance and quality that meet our customers’ needs. Reduce your replacement costs and injuries, all while enhancing your manufacturing efficiency with maintenance free casters.

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