Alignment for the Future

This September, Colson Group USA announced the final step in its business strategy to align the company for the future. The plans include a new world-class national distribution center (DC) that will be located next to its St. Joseph, MI manufacturing plant, as well as the advancement of heavy-duty caster manufacturing in its two Michigan manufacturing plants.

(See “National DC Overview” and “Heavy-Duty Caster Manufacturing” for additional details.)

The establishment of the DC follows multi-million dollar investments in the company’s manufacturing facilities, and is the final infrastructure move in their transformation to operate as “one.” Previous to this transformation, the individual brands of Colson Group USA operated as autonomous companies. Beginning in 2013, the individual companies began the transformation into Colson Group USA to harness global synergies and further advance their leading position in the marketplace.

“The Colson team has done a great job completing a number of key initiatives during the past couple of years driving the transformation of Colson Group USA,” said Tom Blashill, Colson Group’s CEO. “Our vision and strategy have remained the same – to best position Colson Group USA for growth as the global leader in the caster industry and continue to bring Colson together as one company. Our USA manufacturing and distribution strategy positions us to deliver great value to our customers and drive growth in our business.”

The new 170,000-square-foot national DC, slated to open early 2016, will work in tandem with Colson Group USA’s manufacturing plants and auxiliary distribution facilities to simplify customers’ ordering experience, while also advancing the group’s operational capabilities.

“We want to enhance our distribution capabilities while allowing our plants to focus on manufacturing excellence,” said Blashill. “Distribution plays a significant role in our customers’ experience, and we look forward to delivering our full range of product solutions from our world-class DCs.”