Acquisition of ARBCO Industries

As a company constantly seeking global expansion opportunities, Colson Group, the leading global manufacturer of casters and wheels, is thrilled to announce its recent acquisition of ARBCO Industries, LLC (ARBCO). With 56 years of experience as the premier North American manufacturer of phenolic wheels, ARBCO brings a wealth of expertise and product offerings to the Colson Group family. This strategic move not only broadens Colson Group’s range of solutions but also enhances its manufacturing capabilities within the United States.

Expansion of Product Offerings

By acquiring ARBCO Industries, Colson Group reinforces its position as a market leader and expands its industry-leading portfolio of wheels. The addition of ARBCO’s phenolic wheels further enhances the comprehensive range of specialized mobility solutions offered by Colson Group’s globally recognized brands. Customers can now benefit from an even broader selection of high-quality products, empowering them to address their evolving needs with unparalleled efficiency and support.

Strengthening USA Manufacturing Footprint

Colson Group’s acquisition of ARBCO Industries bolsters its manufacturing capabilities in the United States. With ARBCO’s longstanding presence in Export, PA, the acquisition strengthens Colson Group’s USA manufacturing footprint. This strategic move not only supports local manufacturing but also ensures the continuation of exceptional products and services for new and existing customers. The merging of resources and expertise under the Colson Group umbrella allows ARBCO Industries to flourish, delivering outstanding solutions while upholding its proud “Made in the United States” tradition.

Colson Group’s Commitment to Customer Success

With over 1,600 professionals employed across 26 state-of-the-art facilities worldwide, Colson Group remains steadfast in its dedication to customer success. The company’s well-established global value chain and comprehensive product portfolio ensure unparalleled efficiencies and support for customers across various industries. The acquisition of ARBCO Industries further reinforces Colson Group’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its global customer base.

The acquisition of ARBCO Industries by Colson Group marks an exciting chapter in the company’s global expansion journey. By integrating ARBCO’s expertise and phenolic wheels into its product portfolio, Colson Group strengthens its market position and enhances its USA manufacturing capabilities. With a continued focus on customer success, Colson Group remains dedicated to providing innovative solutions and exceptional products across the globe. This acquisition solidifies Colson Group’s commitment to empowering industries with specialized mobility options and delivering unparalleled value to its customers.