CEO Update, One Colson Progress and Team Member Spotlights

In this edition, Tom Blashill, CEO, discusses the strategy and progress made on “One Colson,” covering the establishment of the national distribution center, key initiatives, and new team member additions dedicated to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Colson Group welcomes new key players to the team, including Christopher Cummins as Chief Operating Officer, and Lawrence “Larry” Higgins as Director of Quality. Chris and Larry join our team with over 40 years combined industrial leadership experience.

Distribution Center Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

In 2016, Colson Group USA opened the national distribution center (DC) in St. Joseph, Michigan. The DC has allowed our manufacturing plants to further enhance operational and service responsibilities.

Team Member Spotlight: Christopher Cummins

With over 24 years of manufacturing experience, our new chief operation offering, Christopher Cummins, is focused on delivering customer satisfaction and improving continuously.

Team Member Spotlight: Larry Higgins

With more than 20 years of quality and production experience, Lawrence “Larry” Higgins is welcomed to Colson Group USA as our Director of Quality. Larry is ready to help transition to One Colson, and is eager to help deliver customer satisfaction and pursue quality.

Product Spotlight: Albion 310 & 410 Series – Laser cut HD family Made-in-the-USA

Albion has made major advancements in its heavy-duty manufacturing capabilities. The 310 and 410 Series of casters are now manufactured in Michigan, laser cut and assembled within days.

Pemco SuperKat stops runaway carts, reduces flat-spotting

Pemco has launched an upgraded shopping cart wheel designed to help slow-down out-of-control shopping carts and reduce wheel flat-spotting.