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Rolling Ease
Floor Protection
Quiet Operation
Oil Grease Resistance
Water Resistance
Mild Chemicals


Albion X-treme Plus wheels are a popular choice for solid polyurethane. These wheels are manufactured using a proprietary poured-mold technique, which results in a cleaner, smoother looking wheel. XP wheels are designed specifically for high-capacity manual applications involving chemical, solvent, or water exposure. The crowned tread and x-tremely low rolling resistance make this wheel a number-one choice for ergonomic performance.

The one-piece, solid construction affords freedom from tread separation, with an exceptionally long life. The XI Solid Polyurethane wheel is non-marking, and provides excellent floor protection. XP wheels feature a higher load capacity and softer tread than their XI counterparts.

XP0622808 is a 6-inch solid polyurethane wheel with a crowned tread and precision ball bearing.

Wheel Diameter6

Bearing TypePrecision Ball


Tread Width2

Bearing ID1/2

Bore ID1-9/16

Hub Length2-7/16

Hardness60 Shore D

Temperature MaximumUp to +180°F


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