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Albion FL caster wheels are single flanged cast iron wheels. Flanged wheels need an installed track to operate. The flange helps the caster maintain a straight, tracking motion. Albion cast iron has a tensile strength of 30,000 psi.

FL0410912 is a 4.5-inch flanged cast iron wheel, with a tapered roller bearing. The wheel requires a straight track with a minimum height of 0.5 inch(es) and a minimum width of 1.5625 inch(es).

Wheel Diameter4-1/2

Bearing TypeTapered Roller


Tread Width1-9/16

Bearing ID3/4

Bore ID1-15/16

Hub Length2-1/2

HardnessBrinell 145

Temperature MaximumUp to +800°F

Flange Diameter5-1/2

Hub Offset J1/16

Overall Width2-3/8

Hub Diameter2-1/2

Flange Width13/16

Hub Offset1/16

Heat Resistant

Premium Quality

High Capacity

Wheel Flange


Equipment Carts

Heavy Duty Dough Troughs

Lumber and Wood

Machinery Manufacturing

Material Handling

Utility Trucks

Warehouse Pick Assist

Warehouse Trucks


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