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Rolling Ease
Floor Protection
Quiet Operation
Oil Grease Resistance
Water Resistance
Mild Chemicals
Metal Debris Resistance


Series: 330 Series
For the heaviest-duty applications, the 330 Series features a thick, precision-machined grade 316 stainless swivel section and 304 stainless steel rig. Both are highly polished for aesthetic. Ideal for applications exposed to cleaning agents, wash-downs, caustic solutions, steam, marine environments, or any other corrosive agents which could cause rust.

All components, including the ball bearings in the kingpinless swivel section, are stainless. Kingpinless casters eliminate kingpin failure – the leading cause of caster failure. Kingpinless casters also increase a caster’s ergonomic abilities, making them more ideal to reduce employee strain.

Wheel Diameter6.0000

Fastening TypeTop Plate Swivel

Fastening Size6 1/4" x 4 1/2"

Wheel MaterialPhenolic

Swivel Lead1.37500000

Wheel TypeTR - Phenolic (High Heat)

Swivel Radius5.7500

Bearing TypeStainless Steel Roller Bearing


Wheel FaceCrowned Tread

Caster TypeSwivel

Wheel ColorReddish-Green Phenolic Resin

Brake TypeNone

Temperature Rangeup to +475°F

Swivel LockHand Operated Swivel Lock (L)

Tread Width3.0000

Mount Height7.5000

HardnessRockwell 102 E

Wheel CategoryHigh-Temp Phenolic



Swivel Lock

USA-Made Wheel

Heat Resistant Wheel

Food Processing

Stainless Carts

Pharmaceutical Equipment

Laboratory Equipment

Hospital Waste Management




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