141 Series

Albion 141 Series casters feature a polyurethane spring, and are designed with features tailored to meet the varied needs of the aviation ground support equipment and automotive industries. 141 Series casters are equally at home in other extremely abusive and rugged applications. The durable and corrosion-resistant polyurethane spring helps protect cargo from unwanted vibration and damaging shocks. The solid spring material has no spring coil where debris can jam the spring action.

Yellow Zinc Dichromate is the attractive, standard finish and provides better corrosion resistance than normal zinc plating. 141 Series are quiet rolling, rugged kingpinless casters. Kingpinless casters eliminate kingpin failure – the leading cause of caster failure.

Defender D4 Series Stainless Steel Casters

110 Series Kingpinless

Precision raceways and fully heat-treated construction make the 110 Series the ideal solutions for applications exposed to rugged conditions or high amounts of impact and shock. 110 Series are more durable than competitors case or induction-hardened construction, and longer lasting than conventional kingpin designs. These kingpinless casters eliminate kingpin failure, the leading cause of caster failure. Zinc plating provides an attractive, protective finish.

16 Series

The Albion 16 Series casters are our most popular 2-inch wide industrial mobility solution. 16 Series caster rigs are manufactured in the United States, for expedited shipping and increased quality assurance. Many wheel options are also made in the US. Zinc plating provides an attractive finish which increases corrosion resistance and provides longer caster life.


Our Genesis casters provide a clean, quiet, and effortless solution to many electrical and medical needs. A polished, glass-filled nylon body with integrated thread guards provides strength and rigidity while concealing components and reducing debris entanglement. Sealed precision bearings in raceway and wheel provide easy, effortless swivel action. Soft, non-marking MonoTech wheels reject debris and are excellent on both hardwood and carpeted floors.

Central Locking

TT Series

Diagnostic Imaging

Antistatic 1 1/4″ Stainless Steel

Ball Soft Tread