Major Machinery Investments in Colson Group’s Injection Molding Facility

Colson Group has made a significant investment in new machinery for its highly automated injection molding facility in Monette, AR.  The recent investments enable the Monette facility to further increase output and efficiency on the many injection-molded wheels and OEM specific products they mold, including the ever-popular Colson Performa wheels and Albion X-tra Soft wheels.

Six (6) new injection-molding machines were installed in December 2018, and the facility is now benefiting from its efficiencies.

Each new machine replaced two (2) previous machines (a total of 12), and together, will help increase production by 25%.

The new injection machines are more efficient than previous equipment, reducing production waste from 5% to 1%.  This allows us to reduce production costs on injection-molded materials and remain globally competitive, in an otherwise very competitive industry.  Additionally, the new equipment’s efficiency also reduces our injection-molding energy consumption by 50%.

According to Jack Birdno, Supervising Plant Engineer for Monette, “The new machines set Monette up for the future, being a more cost-competitive injection molding facility than ever, especially as we continue to look at products to re-shore or on-shore for ourselves and other OEM customer requirements.”