Colson Group’s “Colson Cares” Gives Back to Community

Colson Group USA’s commitment to mobility goes beyond the industries we serve and the products we make. With this in mind, we started Colson Cares – a social responsibility program partnering with regional philanthropic and charitable organizations to support the upward mobility of people.

Colson Cares’ philosophy prioritizes the development of the communities in which our employees and customers live, work and play. In the fall of 2016, we kicked off the Colson Cares program with a partnership with the Benton Harbor Salvation Army by holding a food drive. This food drive inspired 180 Colson employees to donate two mini-vans filled with non-perishable food items to their community, totaling an overall donation of 13.27 pounds per person!

“The Salvation Army food drive was a great opportunity to provide food to a number of families in need,” said Vicki Head of The Salvation Army – Benton Harbor. “The amount of food received exceeded our expectations, allowing us to provide meals for a number of families in need.”

The food drive initiative was led by Colson’s Necole Duria and Laurie Brandt. Colson Cares partners with charitable organizations and initiatives focusing on social progress, economic development, workforce development, STEM programs and courses, as well as start-up competitions, executive coaching and business mentoring organizations.