Brand Website Enhancements

Watch Below Video To See Them In-Action! We have been diligently working to further advance Colson Group USA’s brand websites – and have some truly exciting web plans in-motion that will continue launching late into next year. The first phase of these new websites began launching last year, and were created with consistent features to facilitate a common feel across the individual brand websites. From a visual table-of-contents to interactive and downloadable CAD models and Datasheets, our unified advancements are designed to enhance user experience by allowing you to quickly find products, and then deliver helpful product content to customers faster than ever before (CAD Models, Datasheets, Catalog Pages). Please watch the short video below to learn more about the new features on the websites and how to use them, or continue reading for further information:

Visual Table of Contents

MedCaster - Visual Table of ContentsShepherd - Caster Series Information Recently updated websites all include a visual table of contents. This menu allows users to quickly view and select a product series. Once viewing a series, users can explore more features of the series through various tabbed content. Users can also configure a part to their specification using the product configurator.

3D Product Configurator

Colson - Part ConfiguratorTo facilitate the delivery of 3D CAD files or datasheets, the recently converted websites feature configurable 3D models, with downloadable CAD files and datasheets that reflect the chosen configuration. Select and change parameters in order of importance or desirability. Most series have parameters that can be configured: wheel diameters, tread types, fastenings, brake options, and more. Select your desired changes, and press “Update Model” to commit the changes. The rendered 3D model will update to reflect your choices. This interactive model can be used to view a representation of the chosen configuration. Not sure a particular wheel diameter or bearing are right for you? Easily make additional changes to your configuration – selecting “Update Model” to commit these changes. Once configured to desired specifications, the chosen product can be added to a quote cart in any quantity. It is easy to add single or multiple SKUs to the quote cart. Users can quickly turn their quote cart into an active quote request; submit the quote request and a customer service representative will contact you with further information.

CAD and Datasheet Downloads with CasterPass

In addition to requesting a quote, the configured part can be downloaded in a multitude of native CAD formats, or as a product datasheet. You will need to be logged into the CasterPass system to download CAD models or Datasheets. You may choose to proceed as a guest; however, CasterPass accounts allow free and unlimited CAD and Datasheet downloads. Register to create your CasterPass account today. CasterPass accounts will work across all recently improved sites. Colson - Your Download is ReadyCasterPass is a separate entity from previous website accounts; if you have not created a CasterPass account on any Colson Group USA brand website, you will need to create an account – or continue as guest – to proceed with downloads. It is recommended that you are logged in prior to making configurators; this will often speed up the configuration and download process. Once configured, select the tab that reads “CAD Models and Datasheets.” There is a drop-down menu that provides multiple native CAD formats to choose from. A link will be present allowing you to begin the download. If you choose to download a Datasheet, select its link – all Datasheets will download as a PDF. Each CAD file and Datasheet are generated on-demand; it may take a few moments for the final download link to appear. Once processed, a link will appear that will allow you to download a ZIP file containing the CAD file(s) or Datasheet; unzip to access.

Looking Toward the Future

The visual table of contents and 3D Configurator system are just the first phase of our website enhancements. Additional features, including product filtering, easy SKU searching, as well as shareable and customizable project boards are in production now and will begin to be implemented on the sites through the balance of 2016 and into 2017. Please stay tuned for more news and updates on these features.