4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Casters

In the busy world of your business, casters play an important role in meeting the needs of your customers. Is your equipment not functioning as well as it used to? Do you know whether the casters you use are functioning ergonomically? Let’s look into 4 signs you can watch for that tell you it’s time to replace your casters.

Noise Issues

If you’ve noticed your casters are making loud noises whenever they move, this could be a sign that they need to be replaced. Not having the right wheel tread can cause debris to build up which can result in increased resistance, damage your floors, and create unwanted noise. Noise could be caused by a failure of the ball bearings or the use of incorrect caster wheels. To avoid these noise issues, it’s important to pick a caster that is built for your line of work.

Hard to Move

Has it become more difficult to push your equipment? If you notice resistance to push and pull the equipment manually, it may be time to upgrade the casters and wheels. If you’ve tried applying grease but it hasn’t helped, a replacement may be necessary. If your casters are putting employees at risk of overexertion injuries, it may be good for you to consider investing in a more ergonomic caster.


It’s important to monitor the condition of your casters in case signs of corrosion occur. If you see rust, it’s time to act fast and address it. Corrosion occurs in many environments, but more frequently in environments with chemical exposure and moisture. Read our blog post about preventing corrosion in your casters to learn how you can stop corrosion from occurring before it happens.


There are many ways a caster can get damaged. Improper use can easily damage the caster due to using the caster in a manner it was not intended to. Overloading the equipment can result in too much strain and can cause damage to your equipment. Damage to the floor such as cuts, scratches, or chips could mean that your caster wheel is damaged or that you are not using the correct one for the job. Check your wheel and casters regularly to look for any noticeable damage like dents or loose pieces.

A functional and well-maintained caster will allow your equipment to operate at its best. This allows workers to do their jobs more efficiently and in a timelier manner. Choosing the right caster is unique to your business. If you are having issues with ergonomics, noise, corrosion, damage, or just figuring out which caster is best for your application, get in contact with Colson Group to find the right solution for you.