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Colson Group USA - Brand Websites CasterPass

November 11, 2016

Brand Website Enhancements

Many of our brand websites have been recently updated, and although this is only the first phase of our upcoming technology advancements – we wanted to show you some of the cool new features that will help better service your customers and win more deals.

Pemco Introduces SuperKat Tensioner Wheel

November 8, 2016

Pemco Increases Safety, Decreases Runaway Carts

Pemco is pleased to announce the release of the SuperKat Tensioner wheel. Already known for its rounded tread, the SuperKat wheel is designed to reduce flat spotting by continuing to rotate even while being dragged laterally. The inclusion of the Pemco Tensioner helps reduce the chances of runaway shopping carts.

Albion 310 and 410 Caster Series

September 15, 2016

Investing in the USA: Albion Advances Popular 310 & 410 Kingpinless Caster Series

Albion, the leading heavy-duty caster brand of Colson Group USA, has made a major new advancement in its product offering, which reinforces its commitment to U.S. manufacturing. After significant capital investments in its two Michigan manufacturing plants, Albion has unveiled a series of product advancements to its already popular 310 & 410 Kingpinless Series.

Colson Group USA Caster CAD 3D Android Screenshot MedCaster PreVail Series

August 19, 2016

Amazement Prevails with Caster CAD 3D

At Colson Group USA, we saw an opportunity. Our customers and sales professionals needed a tool that would allow them to configure part numbers, download CAD models and data sheets, and share the content with their teams – all in a timely fashion. So, we got to work. As the global leader in caster and […]