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Larry Higgins

March 16, 2017

Meet Larry Higgins

WIth more than 20 years of quality and production experience, Lawrence “Larry” Higgins is welcomed to Colson Group USA as our Director of Quality. Larry is ready to help transition to One Colson, and is eager to help deliver customer satisfaction and pursue quality. Ready to implement new quality processes throughout the entire organization, Larry feels that “standardization is the foundation of continuous improvement.”

Christopher Cummins

March 2, 2017

Meet Christopher Cummins

With over 24 years of manufacturing experience, our new chief operating officer, Christopher Cummins, is focused on delivering customer satisfaction and improving continuously. Dedicated to improving processes and business management, Cummins strives to “get focused on what matters.”

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November 12, 2016

Advantage: Technological Enhancements

We have been working diligently on advanced sales tools and programs that save you time, shorten your sales cycles, and ultimately drive growth. From quickly delivering CAD Models and Datasheets from a mobile device, to new websites that generate more traffic and in turn more high-quality partner leads – Colson Group is investing heavily into marketing […]

Colson Group USA - Caster CAD 3D

November 11, 2016

Caster CAD 3D: On-the-Go Interactive CAD Models

Caster CAD 3D enables you to quickly email 3D CAD models and Datasheets from your Apple or Android devices. The app saves time, helps gain new customers faster, and will earn you more business. Learn more about Caster CAD 3D.