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Rolling Ease
Floor Protection
Quiet Operation
Oil Grease Resistance
Water Resistance
Mild Chemicals
Metal Debris Resistance


VF wheels are machined from drop forged steel wheels. The hot forging process that carbon steel billets undergo to become wheels improves grain flow, enhances ductility and tensile strength. Albion Drop Forged Steel has a tensile strength of 64,000 psi.

VF V-Groove wheels feature a relief groove at the base of the “V”. This helps equalize the load to each face of the track angle when in operation. The wheel face and bore are machines for concentricity to proper tracking. These wheels can be used on any flat surface, but when a track is used, appropriate alignment is critical for proper use.

VF0850116 is a 8-inch drop forged steel V-Groove wheel with a roller bearing.

Wheel Diameter8

Bearing TypeStraight Roller


Tread Width3

Bearing ID1

Bore ID1-15/16

Hub Length3-1/4

HardnessBrinell 149

Temperature MaximumUp to +350°F

V-Groove Width7/8

V-Groove Depth7/16


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