04 Series

Albion 04 series are polished stainless steel 1.25-inch wide institutional casters. These stainless-steel casters are designed for light-duty applications where frequent wash-downs are necessary, and are ideally suited for applications which expose the caster to cleaning agents, steam, caustic solutions or other corrosive agents. All component parts are stainless steel, and 04 casters are NSF listed.

P2 Precision Series

P2 series are precision 1.25-inch wide institutional casters. Ideal for stock carts, laundry trucks, hospitality and food industry usage, these casters offer the smoothest operation available for light duty products. The sealed precision bearing in the swivel section offers quiet, maintenance-free operation. Zinc plating provides an attractive, corrosion-resistant finish.

02 Series Gate Casters

170 Series

The Empire 170 Series casters feature a standard one-year warranty. These kingpinless casters are ideal for economical applications where kingpin casters will not simply hold up to shock or impact. For a more robust caster with 3-year warranty, explore the 310 Series.

370 Series

470 Series

20 Series


GRX series casters offer high performance in a sleek, stylish design. A strong, polyamide body (and brake lever, when applicable) provide usage rigidity. A patented dust and grease shield extends the life of the caster. Solid, riveted axles provide extra durability with positive wheel retention. Polyurethane wheels offer excellent floor protection.

141 Series

Albion 141 Series casters feature a polyurethane spring, and are designed with features tailored to meet the varied needs of the aviation ground support equipment and automotive industries. 141 Series casters are equally at home in other extremely abusive and rugged applications. The durable and corrosion-resistant polyurethane spring helps protect cargo from unwanted vibration and damaging shocks. The solid spring material has no spring coil where debris can jam the spring action.

Yellow Zinc Dichromate is the attractive, standard finish and provides better corrosion resistance than normal zinc plating. 141 Series are quiet rolling, rugged kingpinless casters. Kingpinless casters eliminate kingpin failure – the leading cause of caster failure.

S310 Series Kingpinless