Albion 310 Swivel and Rigid Casters

Albion 310 Series casters are constructed from high quality, heat-treated AISI 1045 laser-cut steel. Precision-machined kingpinless swivel raceways and fully welded legs (inside and out) deliver superior strength in rugged applications.

  • Laser-cut 3/8″-thick steel
  • Ergonomic, Perfect for Towing
  • Zinc-plated with additional Clear Coat
  • Capacities to 4,100 pounds each
  • Laser-Cut integrated accessories, including:
    • PLB Brake
    • Poly Cam Brake (also available on rigid)
    • Toe Guards

Explore Albion 410 Series for different top plate sizes and caster capacities.

In the field or on-the-go?

Download Caster CAD 3D to configure CAD models wherever you are.

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